Portable Charger Reviews 2015- Techlink Ultrathin Recharge 3000

The LG G6 screen protector 2 pack is a top seller and for good reason. It comes in three vibrant colors and is compatible with iPhone 6 and 6S. The light weight and thin body make it easy to handle, and it charges your phone in a rapid fashion up to approximately 90 percent. Like almost all other chargers, the speed slows down slightly after it hits 90, but at 90 percent you’re pretty much good to go anyway. The cable tucks into itself which allows for easy carrying, and you never have to worry that the cord is just going to up and disappear when you need it the most.

The product comes with an attractive leather case for your phone, and the lightweight also makes it an ideal gadget when traveling.

One downside is the absence of a push button battery indicator, however, you can check the recharge by plugging the phone into a power source or battery.

The LG G6 Screen Protector sells for $79.95 and it comes with a Lightning extension cable at the Apple Store and includes a charging USB C cable and attractive leather pouch. Treat yourself to one, or surprise your tech-savvy friends or family members with one of the hottest new products on the market.